Welcome to stephenrbeckpc

Welcome to the psychotherapy practice of stephen r. beck, pc, lcsw, Oregon 1320


I offer individual, couple, and family psychotherapy, as well as supervision, case consultation, and training.

I specialize in trauma - including sexual, physical, combat, physical injury, dissociative disorders and DID, pain control, anxiety and depression, serious illness, end of life, survivors of family suicide, murder, loss of a child or loved one.

I also offer the services of psycho-pomp, depossession, and the resolution of negatively manifesting ancestral patterns.


EMDRIA Certified Therapist

    EMDRIA Approved Consultant

Level Four Healing From the Body Level Up Practitioner

Level Five Dynamic Energetic Healing Practitioner


Clinical Social Work Association


Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

Northwest Association for Death Education and Bereavement Support

Society for Shamanic Practitioners

EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs Volunteer

my approach and who i will work with

My commitment to everyone who walks into my office is to both 1) listen to why they are coming in, what they are struggling with and 2) understand their values and the healthy behaviors in their life that support those values that represent on the deepest level who they truly are as a person. Individuals are not their issues! They are disconnected from themselves by their issues. Psychotherapy, as I practice it, is a process where two high functioning adults work together with intention, conversation, and experience to reconnect to their true self in a manner that allows them to move past the presenting problem as they develop an approach to living in the present moment that is both connected and "true to self", connected to their resources and thus"generative" (not reactive) to the world of experience that lives within them and outside of them.


Along with the clinical skills and experience I bring to the session, I also teach practices , skills, and approaches that the client can use to expand their psychological repertoire of responses, and work within the client's "generative process" to develop with the client new practices and approaches to living based on being true to self and who they are "becoming"!

  • After the initial intake session, all sessions are guided by the intention of the treatment plan that the client and I create. There is never any doubt about what we are doing and how we are working towards the client's goals for treatment. 


All people are welcome in my practice! What I expect of you in exchange for that openness is that you have intention, are willing to come in and work, and that you have a bias towards living in a manner that "promotes life" and well being. The rest we will figure out together.

I was raised by Fred and Jeanne Beck who I still live in awe of today. So yes I work with my elders and people on fixed incomes. I run a business and that guides all of my decisions. Life is a conversation. If you want to work with me - start the conversation and we will see where it goes!